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Publisher's description

InScribe is a HIPAA-compliant typing application designed by transcriptionists for transcriptionists.
As a transcriptionist enters the unique patient number or name, the system automatically searches its data and presents the user with matches.
Transcriptionists use an online database of referring clinicians to easily assign recipients per the dictation.

What's new in version 4.1

Updated the Set Actions screen to make it easier to use.
Updated the Transcription Log to show Stat indicator.
Added the ability to disable adding Associates by Client - Web update to support this setting is coming soon.
Added the ability to set Prior Transcription as QT - Web update to support this setting is coming soon.
Added the ability to have multiple-choice options for Dictation Template fields.
Added a Warning if the Dictation Date is prior to the Appointment Date.
Added optional warning if the entire audio file is not played prior to pressing Done.
Added several ShadowScribe enhancements and features, including:
New ShadowScribe Dictionary with AutoComplete Word Suggestions.
Updated Shortcuts to make Editing quicker and easier.
Added option to Force Title dropdown to appear after Toggle.
Added a Shortcut Reference Window.
Fixed bug that prevented the Template Note icon to appear in some cases.
Fixed bug that caused an error when playing some Dictations in Feedback.
Fixed bug associated with adding a Patient as an Associate.
Fixed bug that caused TAT to show up incorrectly in some cases.
Fixed bug that allowed MT to Invalidate jobs through Retrieve and Correct when their restriction should have prevented this.
Fixed bug that allowed Outsource QA to see the Mark for QA Prompt.
Other minor bug fixes.
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